Sep 30, 2010

busy bee

It's crazy around Chateau Lewis lately!
We are having a lil' soiree this weekend at our house. It's a housewarming/Jake passed his CFA exam party!  We have been on a cleaning and decorating frenzy.
I'm looking forward to a fun, cocktail filled evening, and of course wearing my new sequin & sparkly skirt!


Jake is also very excited about the big football game on tonight.  He has arranged our whole evening around the opening kickoff
(which means eating an early dinner with his parents at 5:30 pm so we won't miss a SECOND of the game).


Stay tuned for pictures!

Sep 23, 2010

book club

My ideal day:
laying on the beach reading a good book

I usually have to settle for reading that good book on my couch...
Fortunately my friend Julie started a book club, so now I can read with a purpose!
Our first book up:

My sister, Brooke, sent this book to me recently and I really enjoyed it.  
(I think all of the Eoff girls have read it...thanks for sharing it B!)

Sep 17, 2010


one more fav pic!

the Lewis' and Lady Liberty
Christmas 2009

fun friday

Some fun pics (and things I love!):
cheeky poodle and his fav toy
what a pretty couple
I heart champagne
love leopard print
laughing girls sisters

Sep 15, 2010

doorway decoration

I posted this a little while ago

Jake was concerned that if I actually hung it beside our bed he'd poke his eye out. silly boy...
I, of course, had other plans for it.

I love that they belonged to my grandpa and it makes me smile every time I see them!
ps: this picture is making me think I should paint the walls a different color?! 

fall shows

I love this time of year because all my fav shows come back on!
I know, I know...I'm probably way too old to be watching some of these, but...
you can't help what you love!
Gossip Girl

Sep 14, 2010

500 days of Summer
(and not just because she has my name)

Jake and I saw it in the theater and now it's been on TV.
I've probably watched it 3 times in one week.

watch it if you haven't seen it yet!

21 forever

I recently posted my love of J.Crew
I also love some cute (cheaper) options from Forever 21!

Does anyone else have a hard time finding items you see online in the actual store?! 
Of course, I always find more things I want in the store.
Happy shopping!

Sep 13, 2010

au revoir

Oliver and I are being left behind.

Jake is off to Toronto for work for the next couple of days.
Then my sis Whitney and her hubby Omar are on vacation here:

and here am I:

If you can't tell, I'm pretty bummed I'm not going on a fun trip...and somewhere with cool weather.
I was so jealous as I watched Jake pack his jacket... sigh.

Sep 10, 2010

Sep 9, 2010

J Crew lovin'

I love J.Crew (though I would love some cheaper prices
and have made a little wish list. 
 You know, in case anyone wants to buy my a present...

a true Eoff girl loves glitter

this one's for you Brooke!

Sep 8, 2010


I will definitely be eating here when it opens!

Jus' Mac will offer 20 different varieties of mac & cheese and it's only a few blocks from my house.
I predict the Lewis' will be regulars!

Sammy Seagull

will soon be hanging in my dining room!
I'm ready for him to get here...

missing in action

I've been neglecting my poor lil' blog...but I'm back!
We had a busy weekend with most of my family in town 
(we missed the Zennadis!)!
I don't have too many pics--I always forget to pull my camera out.

love the crayons in his pocket!

pretty smiles

love this fun glass a martini was served in
Ollie chilling on the stairs
I've been busy with various things lately: 
defensive driving (thank you VERY much Houston PD), running at Memorial Park with Jake, internet surfing, online shopping, trying out new recipes, decorating our house... more posts to come soon!

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