Jul 27, 2011

i'm cleaning out my closets...

Well actually I just finally uploaded my pictures off my camera.  BUT that line from an Eminem song has been stuck in my head.  And I actually have been cleaning out my closet.  So I guess that title is appropriate.  
Anyway.  Here are some pics of Gray taken over the past few weeks!
Rachel came all the way from NEBRASKA to see Mr. Gray

so tired

Carson has a career in acting.  Wait.  What do you mean.. he's not really asleep?

all dressed up.  Gray loves a good tie/onesie combo.

showing off his chin and neck.  and his scooter shirt.

waking up to a camera in his face.  smile!

"hurry up and change my diaper"

frogs, lamb chair, and a big belly
As Countess Luann (and don't forget the Countess part) says, "c'est la vie!"

Jul 26, 2011

bravo! bravo!

The ENTIRE month of June I was stuck inside with this cute baby:
( this picture cracks me up! )
He was too brand new and it was way too hot to go outside, believe me we tried.  So what did we do inside all day, you ask?
One word: Bravo TV (oh, is that two words?)
I've always been a fan of Bravo, but now I can say I've seen ALL of their reality shows.  I even got my mom -who doesn't watch TV- to watch some Real Housewives of NYC.  Um...she wasn't impressed.  
Here are some of my favs:
Flipping Out.  so funny.
RHONJ. drama all the time
The Rachel Zoe Project.  I DIE.
And then after watching the new episodes, you go here to read the casts blogs.
(BTW you have to read Jay Mohr's blog on RHONJ- hilarious).
If you haven't watched these shows, you are missing out.  for realz.
Too much time on my hands? You're probably right.
ps: does anyone watch The Millionaire Matchmaker? (I only watch it if there's nothing else on).  I'm not sure why she claims to have a huge success rate on matchmaking- none of the couples on the show ever work out.  False advertising.

Jul 21, 2011

work it out

Operation weight loss is in full swing over here at the Lewis household.  I've got more than a few lbs to lose and would really like to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes ( who wants to wear maternity clothes when you're not pregnant anymore?!!!? ).  Luckily Jake is sweet enough to participate with me, so only Gray and Oliver get to enjoy a life free of exercise and calorie counting.  Actually, Oliver should exercise more, but lets be honest...he's a spoiled poodle and he doesn't like to break a sweat.  Gray's exercise comes in the form of playing on his mat and riding in the stroller- so we've got him covered!
Jake got me the new ipod Nano for my birthday* so I've begun running ( make that a slow jog ) around the neighborhood.  I'm anxious to bust out our jogging stroller but we are waiting for baby G to get a little bit bigger.  We are also using this website My Fitness Pal to track our food and exercise.
* I turned the big 2-8 last week...I think it's gonna be a great year!*

So here is my inspiration (all found on my Pinterest ):

Jul 18, 2011

all things gray

Baby G's birth announcement:

And then some random pictures taken this weekend:

chubby cheeks

first time swimming in his little bitty alligator trunks

Gray loved the swimming pool.  He, in fact, loved it so much he fell asleep in my arms.  Too much excitement!  Notice a furry, 4 legged poodle behind Gray and Jake in the picture- he hates the water but has to be close to all the action.

I won't always be blogging about Gray, but it's hard not to when he's so cute!  Stay tuned for more!

Jul 14, 2011

it's a hard life, but someone's gotta do it

When baby Gray was two weeks old, he had a long, tiring day of modeling.  Here's a little look:

Thank you Ashley at Essence Captured Photography for doing such a great job! 
Check out her website and see if you notice a certain baby model...

And, no I haven't forgotten my other baby.  Oliver the cheeky poodle: 
photo taken by Whitney

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