Jul 27, 2011

i'm cleaning out my closets...

Well actually I just finally uploaded my pictures off my camera.  BUT that line from an Eminem song has been stuck in my head.  And I actually have been cleaning out my closet.  So I guess that title is appropriate.  
Anyway.  Here are some pics of Gray taken over the past few weeks!
Rachel came all the way from NEBRASKA to see Mr. Gray

so tired

Carson has a career in acting.  Wait.  What do you mean.. he's not really asleep?

all dressed up.  Gray loves a good tie/onesie combo.

showing off his chin and neck.  and his scooter shirt.

waking up to a camera in his face.  smile!

"hurry up and change my diaper"

frogs, lamb chair, and a big belly
As Countess Luann (and don't forget the Countess part) says, "c'est la vie!"

1 comment:

  1. wooooo!! i AM famous! :) love and miss you and little gray (at first i typed gary by accident... i'm glad you didn't name him gary)


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