Mar 29, 2012


Gray and I were shopping at Target recently and saw the strangest thing.  I was in the hair accessory aisle (I needed a new comb, fyi) and witnessed a lady standing there brushing her hair with a brush for sale.  She finished, hung the brush back on the rack and walked away.  Gross!  
Word of warning: if ever buying a new hairbrush, go home and wash it first! You never know who might have used it.

And a few pics of some not-so-gross things!
well the smoking might be gross, but he's not!

grapefruit cocktails

pretty hair

Mar 27, 2012


This weekend we had many "firsts".  Here they are:
1.  Gray went to his first birthday party.  It has been decided that he likes birthday cake!
2.  He started really waving hello!  
3.  He took his first steps...of course he was holding on to the couch.  But still!  He walks up and down the couch now.  I also watch him on the video monitor and he walks along his crib when he's supposed to be napping.
4.  He figured out how to climb the stairs in our living room.  We have two steps that lead down into our living room and we can't put a baby gate on those. So we have been trying to teach him how to crawl up them and all of a sudden it clicked!  Now he crawls up the stairs all day long.  We just haven't yet mastered how to get down them.   I'll be posting a video soon of his new trick.
loves to put leaves in his mouth

I see you!

Check it out, one hand!

this baby needs a haircut

more birthday cake, please

too much partying makes him tired

Mar 23, 2012

hint, hint

Happy weekend from the beach!  No, wait.  I'm not at the beach. 
I'm in Houston.  Far from the beach (because Galveston doesn't count).  
 I've got a serious case of the "Iwantabeachvacationitis." I spent all last spring/summer pregnant and inside with a newborn.  Now it's warm and sunny and I NEED some sun.
Maybe if i drop enough hints someone will take me somewhere.  Are you reading this Jake??!!  

In unrelated news, get ready for Sunday night.
Mad Men
Don Draper is back.  It's gonna be good!  
And one last picture of a real cutie...
I love to eat!

Mar 21, 2012

pinning lately

My favorite pins lately!  You can follow me here .

love the green and leopard! I gave in to the mint craze and bought these.

love her outfit.  and he's not bad either!

Creamy Shrimp Roll
perfect for Friday meal during Lent.  Recipe here!

Coca-Cola Cake
I made this and it was delish.  I won't even tell you the nickname my friend M'Lynn gave this cake.
Try it!
a fedora for Gray this summer.
G needs this.

French Riviera.  Looks amazing.

I don't know where this is, but I need to go.
I need a beach vacation.  I hope Jake is reading this...

Mar 20, 2012

silly & serious

Here's some more pics of our silly, big boy.  He's excited to experience his first Easter egg hunt in a couple of weeks at grandma and grandpa's!  Hopefully his quick cousins will leave a few eggs for him!
He also has a 1st birthday coming up soon... lots of party planning over here!  He's really taking off now with his crawling and is all over the house.  Good thing we had already baby proofed the house!  He's also pulling up and standing in his crib and on his toys.  Gray has also started dancing which is really entertaining.  He has such a fun personality- so serious sometimes & so funny other times!

silly boy

trying to get into a locked cabinet door

snacking on some blocks

very serious about his toy cars

Mar 16, 2012


We are so happy it's the weekend over here... see y'all next week! 
my shopping assistant

helping mom cook!

Mar 12, 2012

favorite game

Gray has discovered a fun game he likes to play.  Observe:

take everything out and throw it on the ground


Oliver gets in on the action

almost crawling at this point (this picture was taken before he debuted his crawling skills)

which block do I play with first?

Mar 9, 2012

pumped up kicks

Just sporting his new kicks at the grocery store.  He's cool like that.  Happy Friday y'all!

Mar 7, 2012

crawling & chatting

I'm so behind on blogging and have lots to catch up on!  I'll get to all that later, but we first have to cheer for our baby Gray finally crawling!  We thought he was about to crawl about 2-3 months ago and this past Saturday he finally did it.  We were so excited, especially when he followed up his crawling debut by calling us mama and dada a few minutes later!  He's been saying "mama" for a long time, but never directed at me until now.  I caught him on video this afternoon.  A couple of warnings though:
1.  please ignore my high pitched, annoying voice.  I was excited.
2.  don't pay attention to the Real Housewives of Orange County playing in the background (the worst show of the Housewives series, right?!)
3.  Gray is playing on an old blanket of Jake's from his college days.  It's not the prettiest thing you've ever seen.
4.  watch it till the end- that's when he really says it!
Go here to check it out!  

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