Jan 31, 2012

eight month check in

First things first- happy 8 month birthday to Gray!
Here's what Gray does best:
- roll, roll, roll.  that kid is all over the place
- wake up one morning with TWO teeth
- eat.  he really likes to eat
- smile for the camera =)
- play with all of his toys like a pro
- laugh at that cheeky poodle
- take walks/jogs in the jogging stroller
- ride in the front of the grocery cart at the store.  and throw his toys out the side
- scream when we're in the middle of a restaurant and we have to get up and leave
- think about crawling, but still waiting for the perfect moment!

who needs pants?

serious face with his serious fox

that poodle just kissed him!

hanging out on a patio

another patio picture

a little light reading

Jan 25, 2012

a month late, but whatevs...

A few fun pictures over our holiday break:

just hanging out in my bumbo and my reindeer bib

all I got was this bone?

Gray loves a good bow

my Christmas present!

Gray with his dad, grandpa, and great grandpa!

Gray and his great grandma

Jan 23, 2012

leg warmers, take 2

My adorable nephew was rocking his leg warmers here, so here are some pics of baby Gray wearing his!  Thanks to aunt Brooke for making our babies look super cool!

Jan 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

This picture looks like something straight out of a creepy Friday the 13th movie:

Gray the vampire? 
What can I say?  The boy loves beets!
And just so you won't be too scared on this Friday the 13th, here's some pretty stuff I've pinned lately on my pinterest.
Gray told me he HAS to have this.  

side note: Princess Kate wears lots of lace dresses.  That means we should all wear lace dresses.   And be married to a Prince.
want this hair.  and those shades. 
how cute is this kid and those clothes?? Gray's future wardrobe
someone in my household needs to read this chart.  her name rhymes with bummer.

Jan 12, 2012

mustached photo bomber

I've got a lot of blog catching up to do, but until then enjoy this awesome picture.

ps: photo bombing with a mustache? Reminds me of his dad! 

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