Jan 31, 2012

eight month check in

First things first- happy 8 month birthday to Gray!
Here's what Gray does best:
- roll, roll, roll.  that kid is all over the place
- wake up one morning with TWO teeth
- eat.  he really likes to eat
- smile for the camera =)
- play with all of his toys like a pro
- laugh at that cheeky poodle
- take walks/jogs in the jogging stroller
- ride in the front of the grocery cart at the store.  and throw his toys out the side
- scream when we're in the middle of a restaurant and we have to get up and leave
- think about crawling, but still waiting for the perfect moment!

who needs pants?

serious face with his serious fox

that poodle just kissed him!

hanging out on a patio

another patio picture

a little light reading

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