Apr 6, 2012


Daddy shoes and baby shoes waiting for Momma to put them away.  So cute!
Happy Good Friday & Easter! 

Apr 3, 2012

bend those knees

First things first, happy 10 month birthday to baby G ( a few days late! ). How did he get so old?
Secondly, Gray has quickly gone from crawling everywhere to now trying to walk everywhere!  He walks all along the couch, his crib, and behind his walker.  We've definitely experienced a few bruises and bumps already.  I need to get used to this, but it still makes me feel bad when he falls!
It's been so funny to watch him figure things out.  He's been standing and trying to bend down to pick up his toys or pacifier, but he wouldn't bend his legs.  This really didn't work out for him! But he the next day he quickly figured out how to bend those knees and pick up toys.  Now he bends down and grabs things all day long.  What a smart boy!
He can also wave, say "hi" (not on demand of course), give Jake a high five, and crawl up stairs.
Here's a picture overload from today!

bend those knees!

waving hello!

eating his "baby cheetos"

playing and snacking at the same time.  he's a multi-tasker

Oliver is over all this picture taking
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