Feb 17, 2012

bag of tricks

Gray has learned a new trick to add to his collection.  This is how we find him now:

Happy Friday!

Feb 14, 2012

Feb 13, 2012

Gray & the zoo

This past Friday we took Gray on a little field trip to the zoo!  He, of course, wouldn't take a nap before we left so we took our sleepy baby anyway.  He did great ( a little whining at the end ) but stared at the animals and looked when we pointed at things.  He loved the baby goats at the petting zoo!  We can't wait to take him again.

loves that baby goat!

whoa- that goat snuck up on them

he decided to be brave and touch it

look at that fox!

Gray was too tired to care about that huge tiger behind us

the Lewis'

Feb 4, 2012

merry weekend

We'll be needing our rain boots and umbrellas in Houston this weekend!  I'm completely jealous that 2 of my sisters are in Lake Tahoe this weekend.  I guess I'll just enjoy the rain instead!

Y'all have a fun Super Bowl weekend!

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