Jan 26, 2011

a room with stripes

I'll let the pictures do all the talking!

But first I want to include a picture of our lovely poodle assistant:

He was a big help EXCEPT that he was scared of the:
1. plastic drop cloth
2. the ladders
3. the paint
4. everything in the room
So most of the time he stood by the door and kept a close eye on the situation.
This is what the room looked like before:

It's kind of hard to tell in the pictures, but we have 3 walls painted light gray (they look blue in the pics) and one wall is a dark gray.
Jake and his dad did such a great job (it's almost like they are professionals!).

Let the decorating continue!

Jan 19, 2011

please excuse

the MESS!
i'm trying to re-do, reorganize, and re-style my blog.
since i'm not real blog savvy, this may take awhile...

in the mean time here's some things I love:
umm love the turquoise 
someone please buy this for me.  really. the baby needs it.

i'd totally read my books in that tent

california gurls

so excited to be heading to the west coast to see these cute couples:

R and B
O and W
i'm excited to:
1. go to Napa and not drink wine (just kidding)
2. cruise through San Fran on a "party trolley"
3. celebrate Omar's 30th birthday 
4. shop at H&M (jake's excited for that too)
5.  stay at the RC with Jake and the Lightenings

sad that I'll miss:
1. my parents coming into town
2. KJ's 21st birthday- cheers to Kelly!
3. my cheeky poodle

Jan 11, 2011

stripes, stripes, stripes, and more stripes

striped curtain
more stripes

Gray Stripes

Can you tell what is on my mind today?
Guess who might be painting some stripes in our nursery this weekend?! 
(lucky Jake!)

Jan 7, 2011

Aggie friday

Happy fun, fabulous Friday!  
Some pretty pictures:

can someone please do my hair like this?

her makeup looks beautiful
picture found here

wish that was me

this should hang somewhere in my house.
i'm sure Jake would love it. =)
photo found here
Texas A&M plays in the Cotton Bowl tonight and Jake is getting ready for the big game (we need a win in the Lewis house!)
He left for work this morning wearing his lucky A&M shirt:

class of '05

C'mon Aggies- beat the hell outta lsu!

Jan 6, 2011

it's a...

Although, most people already knew that.  So the shock value wasn't really there. Oh well... it's still fun to act surprised!
My family wasn't too surprised.  I grew up in a house of all girls (plus my poor dad), but it seems like Eoff girls are destined to have boys.  Baby Boy Lewis will be the 3rd grandson to join the family (no granddaughters yet...).  
We are very excited to begin planning, buying, decorating, etc.  And by we, I mean mostly I.  Jake gets to do the hard labor (assembling, painting, carrying things up to the 3rd floor). I think he can manage!

Jan 5, 2011

here i am!

New Years Resolution #1: be a better blogger.
I could make lots of excuses. Example: busy with the holidays, traveling, being pregnant.
But really I've just been a bit lazy.  
I've also been surfing the web like crazy reading blogs and looking at all things baby related (toys, clothes, nurseries, etc).
Jake and I have so much to do and I'm already (just about) half way through the pregnancy.
Since I'm so behind, here are a few pics from the past couple of months:

haha, Jake grew a mustache for the month of November. handsome, huh? Happy 29th Birthday Jake!
looking very poufy and poodle-like and in the holiday spirit!

modeling my new Christmas gift from Jake
St. Louis arch
us inside the arch
touring the Cardinal stadium in the cold.  guess whose idea that was?

us and Grandpa Lewis

Christmas pictures and baby posts coming soon!

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