Feb 28, 2011

no name post

Jules, Nancy, and me

Warning: the above picture shows some very un-tan legs.  Fortunately, it's warming up in Houston and I will definitely be taking advantage.  Which leads me to a little chore I did this weekend.  Maternity swimsuit shopping.  I'm just glad thats over with.  This picture is from Nancy's baby shower this weekend!  Her little girl will be here in a few weeks.
Tomorrow is the first day of March, so here are some very spring-like items that need to come live in my house.
flower ring
Hive vases
dessert plates
Chrysanthemum vase

Coming soon: sneak peek of Baby L's room!

Feb 22, 2011

tired tuesday

I'm so tired today.  I can't get off the couch.
So I did what any smart girl would do.  Shop online of course.

Here's some cute, affordable clothes for the non-pregnant.  Someone buy them and then give them to me let me borrow them.

Found at www.forever21.com

Feb 18, 2011

love list

Happy Valentine's Day! Oh wait... that's not today?
I guess I missed it this year.
Oh well...here's a list of things I luv:
1. mochas from Starbucks or any coffee shop ( just not homemade.  i haven't mastered that yet )
2.  How I Met Your Mother ( best show ever )
3.  peanut butter and chocolate combination, example: Reeses, peanut butter M&M's, scotcheroos ( a favorite Eoff family recipe )
4.  Anthropologie ( I accept gift cards there, just in case you were wondering )
5.  laying on the beach + margarita on the rocks
you can substitute for any of your favorite drinks )
6.  how cute Oliver looks when he sleeps on his back with his paws in the air
7.  popcorn and Coke Icees at the movie theater
8. the new song by Adele called "Rolling in the Deep"
9. this wedding dress from Anthropologies new wedding line:
Maybe Jake and I should renew our vows so I can wear it!
10.  oh and these shoes too:

Happy Friday!

ps: happy belated birthday to my sister WZ and my nephew WZ! 

Feb 9, 2011

rainy day

It's raining.  It's cold.  I don't want to do anything.
But I do love this picture:

I already used this one before, but thats okay.  This is me swimming in Hawaii.  Just kidding...
I'm really in Fiji.    

and Uncle Jake playing with these two wild boys:

Happy wet and cold Wednesday!


What is a pouf you ask? Actually, no one asked and I'm sure you all know.
As mentioned here, we have a chair and a pouf for the baby room.  Here are some fun pics of poufs in action!

found here
and here
and lastly
Can't wait to show you ours!

Feb 6, 2011

broken bones and aggie rings

I was going through all my old college photos and found this:

I got in a car accident, broke my arm, and we got our Aggie ring all in one week.  I like to make things as exciting as possible. 

Feb 2, 2011

life for the Lewis'

Lewis update:

- It is freeeeeezing here in Houston and all over Texas.  It might even snow on Friday...what??!! 

- The nursery is coming along.  We have a crib, dresser, chair & pouf, bedding, and all kinds of fun stuff. We don't have a "theme" for the room. I just wanted a modern, fun look.   I'll post pics when it is complete, so keep checking back!

- Baby L is doing great.  I'll be 23 weeks (already!) on Friday and he is getting very active and kicking a lot!  At our last doc appointment he weighed 1 lb.  

- We have a name picked out!

- Jake and I had a great time in San Francisco and Napa.  We ate lots of good food, enjoyed the sunny weather, and had so much fun on the party trolley- what a great way to cruise through San Fran!  I was sad, though, to miss out on the celebrity sighting (as reported by Omar).  Ben Affleck and Jen Garner was spotted at the local sandwich shop by W & O's apartment.  sigh.


enjoying my non-alcoholic drink

enjoying his alcoholic drink

Jake and I walked up to W's apartment and this is who we see!

party trolley

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