Feb 18, 2011

love list

Happy Valentine's Day! Oh wait... that's not today?
I guess I missed it this year.
Oh well...here's a list of things I luv:
1. mochas from Starbucks or any coffee shop ( just not homemade.  i haven't mastered that yet )
2.  How I Met Your Mother ( best show ever )
3.  peanut butter and chocolate combination, example: Reeses, peanut butter M&M's, scotcheroos ( a favorite Eoff family recipe )
4.  Anthropologie ( I accept gift cards there, just in case you were wondering )
5.  laying on the beach + margarita on the rocks
you can substitute for any of your favorite drinks )
6.  how cute Oliver looks when he sleeps on his back with his paws in the air
7.  popcorn and Coke Icees at the movie theater
8. the new song by Adele called "Rolling in the Deep"
9. this wedding dress from Anthropologies new wedding line:
Maybe Jake and I should renew our vows so I can wear it!
10.  oh and these shoes too:

Happy Friday!

ps: happy belated birthday to my sister WZ and my nephew WZ! 


  1. how could I leave that out? I updated it.
    now go make me some!


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