Feb 2, 2011

life for the Lewis'

Lewis update:

- It is freeeeeezing here in Houston and all over Texas.  It might even snow on Friday...what??!! 

- The nursery is coming along.  We have a crib, dresser, chair & pouf, bedding, and all kinds of fun stuff. We don't have a "theme" for the room. I just wanted a modern, fun look.   I'll post pics when it is complete, so keep checking back!

- Baby L is doing great.  I'll be 23 weeks (already!) on Friday and he is getting very active and kicking a lot!  At our last doc appointment he weighed 1 lb.  

- We have a name picked out!

- Jake and I had a great time in San Francisco and Napa.  We ate lots of good food, enjoyed the sunny weather, and had so much fun on the party trolley- what a great way to cruise through San Fran!  I was sad, though, to miss out on the celebrity sighting (as reported by Omar).  Ben Affleck and Jen Garner was spotted at the local sandwich shop by W & O's apartment.  sigh.


enjoying my non-alcoholic drink

enjoying his alcoholic drink

Jake and I walked up to W's apartment and this is who we see!

party trolley


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