Nov 23, 2010

empty room

This is our 3rd bedroom.  It is currently empty (except for a few unpacked boxes and Christmas presents).

Soon we will be turning it into this:
or this:

Let the decorating and shopping begin!
ps: June 3rd is the day!

Nov 13, 2010

Nutcracker Market

Holiday shopping begins today! I'm very excited to get some names crossed off my list (and maybe buy something for myself too...)
My sister K and I are headed off to the Nutcracker Market.  If you Houston people haven't been, you definitely to need to check it out!
Tons of vendors, boutiques, and stores all in one place- I'll definitely be packing my provisions (water, snacks, and comfortable shoes).
Happy shopping!

Nov 10, 2010

cheeky blogger

I've been a very bad, cheeky blogger.
My sister even told me I should be ashamed.
I am.  I really am...

But with the holidays around the corner, I'll have lots to blog about.
So stay tuned! More coming very soon..
Doing what he does best...lounging.

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