Apr 27, 2011

p.a.r.t.y. time

This weekend should be a good one!
All of my sisters and parents will be in town- which doesn't happen very often these days (unless it's a holiday).  My lovely sisters and friend Felicia are throwing a baby shower for me and we all have a wedding to attend.  Mixed in there will be lots of visiting, hopefully laying by the pool, and eating Tex- Mex (since California is really lacking in that department).  Should be lots of fun and hopefully I can get some good pics!

Here's the whole Eoff clan:
I think I've used this pic before, but just pretend like you've never seen it.
and all the Eoff girls:
what are we doing? what am I saying?

we're advertising umbrellas
Also, my sister Whitney is having a boy, too!  This will put the grandchild count to 4 grandsons and 0 granddaughters.  Funny how a family of all girls will now have all boys!

In other news, I'll be 35 weeks on Friday.  That means 5 more weeks (more or less?!) to go until baby L's big arrival.  Let's just say, the past few weeks haven't been real enjoyable or comfortable and I am ready for this to happen (or I think I am...)!

Apr 19, 2011


This picture makes me laugh and think of my friend who grew up in the Middle East.  This one is for you Jules!

Apr 13, 2011

I uploaded my pictures and found these...

The boys at Carson's basketball game:

Jake, Dad, Joey, and Wesley
We were at my sisters house and couldn't find the cheeky poodle.  We eventually found him hiding in the house and his face was covered in cookie crumbs.  Turns out he ate his cousin Carson's entire package of Oreo's.  Bad poodle!

guilty poodle

licking away the evidence
Wesley in action at his 5th birthday party:

happy birthday WZ!
Things to bring your pregnant wife: flowers and gummy bears.

Apr 3, 2011

almost there...

Current stats:
  • 31 weeks pregnant
  • I will be 8 months along on Friday (already!)
  • I am very tired and my body hurts all the time
  • weight: HA! just kidding. no way I'm telling that!
  • baby Lewis' room and bathroom are done
  • we still have a few things to check off our to-do list, but now we are just waiting, waiting, waiting...
  • April is a very busy month for us- we have parties, showers, and lots of family to visit!
  • my sweet friends threw a baby shower for me ( thank you girls! ) and it was so nice! I told my friend Jill I didn't have any pictures of me pregnant yet, so she made me pose for a couple:
front view
side view
Jill, me, Jules, and Katie
Just a few more weeks to go and we are counting down!

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