Apr 27, 2011

p.a.r.t.y. time

This weekend should be a good one!
All of my sisters and parents will be in town- which doesn't happen very often these days (unless it's a holiday).  My lovely sisters and friend Felicia are throwing a baby shower for me and we all have a wedding to attend.  Mixed in there will be lots of visiting, hopefully laying by the pool, and eating Tex- Mex (since California is really lacking in that department).  Should be lots of fun and hopefully I can get some good pics!

Here's the whole Eoff clan:
I think I've used this pic before, but just pretend like you've never seen it.
and all the Eoff girls:
what are we doing? what am I saying?

we're advertising umbrellas
Also, my sister Whitney is having a boy, too!  This will put the grandchild count to 4 grandsons and 0 granddaughters.  Funny how a family of all girls will now have all boys!

In other news, I'll be 35 weeks on Friday.  That means 5 more weeks (more or less?!) to go until baby L's big arrival.  Let's just say, the past few weeks haven't been real enjoyable or comfortable and I am ready for this to happen (or I think I am...)!

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  1. Please tell the CA girls to bring back some queso to us starving, relocated Texans. Also, very cute pregnancy pics. Except for the belly, and, um, a couple of other things, you look jut like normal...beautiful as always!


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