May 8, 2011

photo update

Here are a few pics I snapped while the family was in town last weekend.  
baby shower hostesses- 3 out of the 5 of us are pregnant!

cake pops


more baby cake pops!

the Lewis' at a wedding.  we coordinated without even planning

the Zennadi's- Omar, Whitney, and baby Z

Jake and I also did our tour of the hospital (maternity section) and bought some last minute things we needed this weekend.  The tour of the hospital was informative, but definitely made me more nervous.  Hopefully the epidural will remedy that!
We are in a wedding in Austin this coming weekend, and then after that, fingers crossed, baby Lewis will decide to make his entrance!  We have had a talk with baby L and informed him he does need to wait until we are back in Houston and close to the hospital and our doctors before he decides to come.  We are positive he's going to be a good boy and listen!

And happy mother's day!  Here's a cute picture of my parents on our NYC Christmas trip:
Times Square- it was cold

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