Jan 6, 2011

it's a...

Although, most people already knew that.  So the shock value wasn't really there. Oh well... it's still fun to act surprised!
My family wasn't too surprised.  I grew up in a house of all girls (plus my poor dad), but it seems like Eoff girls are destined to have boys.  Baby Boy Lewis will be the 3rd grandson to join the family (no granddaughters yet...).  
We are very excited to begin planning, buying, decorating, etc.  And by we, I mean mostly I.  Jake gets to do the hard labor (assembling, painting, carrying things up to the 3rd floor). I think he can manage!

1 comment:

  1. You already got a sophie! Too cool. Corbin loved his right up to the day we lost it. And every other kid that saw it had toy envy. Kind of strange because it looks like a dog toy to me. But babies know better!


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