Mar 27, 2012


This weekend we had many "firsts".  Here they are:
1.  Gray went to his first birthday party.  It has been decided that he likes birthday cake!
2.  He started really waving hello!  
3.  He took his first steps...of course he was holding on to the couch.  But still!  He walks up and down the couch now.  I also watch him on the video monitor and he walks along his crib when he's supposed to be napping.
4.  He figured out how to climb the stairs in our living room.  We have two steps that lead down into our living room and we can't put a baby gate on those. So we have been trying to teach him how to crawl up them and all of a sudden it clicked!  Now he crawls up the stairs all day long.  We just haven't yet mastered how to get down them.   I'll be posting a video soon of his new trick.
loves to put leaves in his mouth

I see you!

Check it out, one hand!

this baby needs a haircut

more birthday cake, please

too much partying makes him tired

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