Jul 21, 2011

work it out

Operation weight loss is in full swing over here at the Lewis household.  I've got more than a few lbs to lose and would really like to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes ( who wants to wear maternity clothes when you're not pregnant anymore?!!!? ).  Luckily Jake is sweet enough to participate with me, so only Gray and Oliver get to enjoy a life free of exercise and calorie counting.  Actually, Oliver should exercise more, but lets be honest...he's a spoiled poodle and he doesn't like to break a sweat.  Gray's exercise comes in the form of playing on his mat and riding in the stroller- so we've got him covered!
Jake got me the new ipod Nano for my birthday* so I've begun running ( make that a slow jog ) around the neighborhood.  I'm anxious to bust out our jogging stroller but we are waiting for baby G to get a little bit bigger.  We are also using this website My Fitness Pal to track our food and exercise.
* I turned the big 2-8 last week...I think it's gonna be a great year!*

So here is my inspiration (all found on my Pinterest ):

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