Jul 26, 2011

bravo! bravo!

The ENTIRE month of June I was stuck inside with this cute baby:
( this picture cracks me up! )
He was too brand new and it was way too hot to go outside, believe me we tried.  So what did we do inside all day, you ask?
One word: Bravo TV (oh, is that two words?)
I've always been a fan of Bravo, but now I can say I've seen ALL of their reality shows.  I even got my mom -who doesn't watch TV- to watch some Real Housewives of NYC.  Um...she wasn't impressed.  
Here are some of my favs:
Flipping Out.  so funny.
RHONJ. drama all the time
The Rachel Zoe Project.  I DIE.
And then after watching the new episodes, you go here to read the casts blogs.
(BTW you have to read Jay Mohr's blog on RHONJ- hilarious).
If you haven't watched these shows, you are missing out.  for realz.
Too much time on my hands? You're probably right.
ps: does anyone watch The Millionaire Matchmaker? (I only watch it if there's nothing else on).  I'm not sure why she claims to have a huge success rate on matchmaking- none of the couples on the show ever work out.  False advertising.

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