Oct 1, 2010

Super Friday

Flashback to elementary school when we used to have Super Fridays and would get extra recess or eat popcorn & watch a movie.  Ahhh the little things that would excite us.
 (Guilty...I do still love popcorn & movies.  and extra recess...)

Here's some Super Friday fun:

Our office dog Sir. He lives to eat my lunch and beg for treats.
My friend Fish and her lil' fish!

cheeky poodle

foggy day

lucky people who got the window seat

pumpkins, pumpkins

Whit and Omar hangin' in Paris!
 Totally jealous of that last picture.
Have a super Friday!

1 comment:

  1. Awwww....I made it in the blog! ;) Love that picture! :)


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