Oct 12, 2011

big boy Gray

I have lots of updating to do.  Let's get started:
- Gray had his 4 month checkup and shots.  He did great and weighs 15 lbs now! 
- He is still rolling over sometimes, but my parents and Jake were able to see him do his "trick" this past weekend!
- Gray was baptized this weekend- yea!
- He is now starting to eat "food" (rice cereal- if that counts as real food).   His reaction to it was so funny!  He's not too sure about it yet, but we'll keep trying.
- He's a great sleeper at night, but his daytime sleeping is still a work in progress.
- He laughs and smiles so much!  It's so cute and it's my mission to catch him laughing on camera.
- Gray loves to ride in the jogging stroller and watch his brother Oliver run around!
- He is teething which means lots of drooling and chewing on everything (he especially loves my hair and necklaces!)
- He can't wait to wear his Halloween costume and spend the night with his Grandpa and Gran while Jake and I go on a quick trip to Canada (I'm going to miss him so much!)
Here's some pictures of Mr. Gray:

hanging out on our bed

in his party outfit

baptism day

with aunt Kelly and uncle Joey (thanks for being the stand in godparents!)

Grandma and Grandpa Eoff

Grandpa and Gran Lewis

getting ready to eat!

this is what he thought of rice cereal.
(sorry about the bib uncle Omar!)

so tired after all that eating

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