Nov 17, 2011

what's going on?

baby Gray update:
1.  He's eating food now.  I've made him sweet potatoes and next up on the menu is butternut squash.  So far so good!
2.  He's trying to crawl- he moves those little arms and legs but can't go anywhere yet.  Baby proofing the house is on our agenda!
3.  Gray is getting very good at sitting up.  He still needs a little help, but each day he does better and better!
4.  We are taking our first airplane trip with Gray.  We'll be flying to San Francisco and Napa to visit the sisters for Thanksgiving.  Any tips on dealing with the time change?!
5.  He has discovered the swing at the park- fun, fun!  
6.  Picture overload below!
wearing his dinner
checking things out
swinging fool
cowboy Gray! 
wearing his bear hat from Canada
party pooper
hot stuff
happy baby!

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