Dec 2, 2011

a west coast Thanksgiving

Our trip to California was a success!  We had only some mild problems at the airport (word of advice: infants need a boarding pass even if the ticketing people tell you they don't) and my expired drivers license I never noticed (oops! It only expired about 5 months ago- no biggie).  Gray did great on the plane- slept most of the time, cried a little bit, but fortunately he made friends with the people behind us so I don't think they minded the crying!  
He got to ride in his stroller all around Whitney's neighborhood, play with his cousin Given, check out the great views, play in the park with other kids, drive across the Golden Gate Bridge twice, and eat out at some delish San Fran restaurants.  In Napa Gray did a little wine tasting and even posed for pictures in the vines!  We celebrated Thanksgiving in Napa at Brooke and Randy's house and watched the very sad Aggie game (we won't talk about that, but he did represent with his Aggie shirt that day).
The flight home he was pretty much asleep the whole time.  We had a great time and can't wait to go back!
Unfortunately, I was so busy with the baby I didn't have time to take a lot of pictures.  In fact I only got two:
he's ready to go!

the dads and their strollers

Can't wait to see the California crew back in Texas for Christmas!
p.s. I'm really dreading going to the DMV to renew my drivers license.  ughh... I think I'll put it off for a while longer.

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