Aug 12, 2010

a Cajun road trip

The whole clan decided we needed to celebrate Randy's 3/4 birthday the old fashioned way...
hurricane at Pat O'Brien's

We ate too much...
wearing a bib at Mr.B's

bbq shrimp
danced to a brass band...

Rebirth Brass Band
(you can thank me later for not posting pics of us actually dancing!)
4 sisters and 1 cheeky brother-in-law

and visited an old friend...
Whitney and Big Al Carson at the Funky Pirate
(sorry for the poor picture quality)

Favorites from our New Orleans trip:
"you brought a... pony to a bar?"
Captain Joey making an appearance at the pool
beignets and frozen coffee
fried food frenzy at Praline Connection

Not so cool:
losing Joey's birthday gift somewhere along Bourbon Street
 (sorry Captain! replacement gift is on the way- it was the daiquiri's fault.)


  1. I seriously just laughed out loud when I ready the "pony" bit. I totally forgot about that! Awesome.

    PS - thanks for the awesome picture of me with the hurricane! Love it.

  2. I totally want to go there one day! :)


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