Sep 30, 2011

here we are!

I disappeared for a couple of weeks, but I'm back.  I guess I've been busy taking care of that cute baby of mine.  Here's a list of what Gray has been up to:
- rolling from his stomach to his back ( 3 times- we are working on doing it consistently)
- sleeping through the night -thank you, thank you, thank you!
- learning how to put himself to sleep even if the pacifier falls out ( this has been a painful process but I *think* we are making progress)
- putting everything in his mouth
- holding on to his toys
- taking the pacifier out of his mouth and then getting mad when he can't put it back in
 - in general just being adorable

a favorite activity- chewing on his hands

Oliver sleeping in a funny position

holding that head up like a champ!

hanging out on our bed

brothers (notice Oliver laying on his blanket- he's not allowed on the bed without it!)

chewing his Sophie the giraffe

he picked out his own outfit that morning


taken just this morning!

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