Sep 9, 2011

naughty poodle

Oliver is definitely feeling a bit jealous these days.  He has reverted back to his puppy ways- chewing up toilet paper, digging through the garbage, leaving a trail of trash up the stairs, etc.  I think he's trying to tell us something!  Poor poodle just isn't getting enough attention...
Here he is pouting on the couch:
Gray's updates:
- he did wonderful on the trip to San Angelo and slept for most of the road trip
- had his first babysitter while Jake and I went out- grandma and grandpa Eoff!  I don't think he even missed us!
- no longer likes to be swaddled, so he's sleeping without (Houdini Gray always managed to get both of his arms and one time a leg (??) out! )
- is thinking about rolling over, but hasn't decided to yet
- is still not quite sleeping through the night, but fingers crossed he gets there soon
- has decided that he doesn't always like to take his naps during the day...that is very unfortunate for me.

good morning!
watching his favorite movie, The Hangover.  I'm pretty sure that's appropriate for his age group.
at the park with Grandma watching his cousins play
hey ladies!
ps: don't think I'm a horrible mom- he's really watching Baby Einstein.  

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  1. Poor Oliver! It can be hard to be a big brother : ( I love Gray's face with Grandma, so cute! When that little man starts rolling over I hope we get to see a video!


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