Aug 31, 2011

it's a celebration!

Happy, happy 3 month birthday to little Gray Joseph!  

Gray's grand adventures ( thus far) :
- road trip to Austin where he decided not to sleep the entire two days= very tired Jake and Summer
- his first round of immunizations.  not fun
- disturbing the peace at the eye doctor
- survived a record breaking HOT August
- making an appearance at Jake's office - he was very well behaved!
- going out to various restaurants, shopping trips, and one happy hour (you have a a bar?)
- welcoming TWO new cousins in August - baby Given Michael Zennadi was born last week in San Francisco!  
Next up- 6.5 hour road trip to San Angelo and his baptism in October!

Now let's celebrate your 3 month birthday by sleeping through the night, okay??!!

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