Aug 9, 2011

look at that chubby baby!

Gray might be mad at me for posting an unflattering picture of him, but since he's only 10 weeks old he doesn't get a say yet!

Look at that fat chin!  It's really just a bad angle (that's the excuse I always use...).
Recent updates:
1.  Gray is 10 weeks old today! He is very alert and loves to stare at the TV, in a mirror (he's so vain) and at the ceiling fans.  He has also discovered his hands and sticks them in his mouth all the time.
2.  He now has a new cousin to play with- Matthew Ryan Parsons, Jr.  We can't wait to meet him!
3.  Aunt Brooke came all the way from Napa to meet Gray and they love each other.  Gray is excited for his first trip to the wine country and some wine tastings! 
4.  Now all he needs is his other cousin, baby Zennadi, to get here.  Hurry up!
5.  And some more pics of baby G!
Gray and his best friend, the pacifier
Oliver loves to photobomb


  1. he has quadrupled in size!!! i miss him (and you!)

  2. Yay, little Matty made the blog! He is very honored! Our goal is to get some pictures up on FB when we get home but I have been so overwhelmed I have not even opened FB until today. They will be so cute together and I can't wait until they meet : ) Tell Gray his cousin says Hi!


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