Jul 2, 2012

the beach & thirteen months

Wow- I'm behind on blogging!  We've just been busy growing and staying active over here.  Mister Gray is now 13 months old and will not sit still!  He is on the move constantly- crawling and walking!!!  He will walk about 5-6 steps and then realize what he's doing and sit down.  We've also made the switch to whole milk instead of formula, and so far he's done great and doesn't seem to miss the bottle ( although I'm kinda sad not to feed my baby his bottle anymore! ) He's still chattering a lot- says mama, dada, dog, duck, Ollie.  His newest trick is shaking his head no.  And he likes to say no a lot!  
We took Gray on his first beach trip with my parents and sister and her family.  He did really great!  He tried to eat the sand a few times, but quickly realized he didn't like it!  Overall he did really good and we can't wait for another one!
beach bum 
a little sand with his cookie!

Grayzilla destroying sand castles

dolphins at the Aquarium

hello sea turtle!

the Lewis'

handsome boy!

cousins ( we miss you Given! )

stormy day

my two boys!

Next up: swim lessons this week and next!  

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  1. Love! He is growing so fast! Walking!?! That's awesome!


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