Jul 26, 2012

growing boy

It's hard to stay updated on all the fun new things Gray is doing, so I'll just make a quick list:
1.  claps for himself a whole bunch!
2.  says "hot" and waves his hand 
3.  walking, walking, walking everywhere!  He even tries to walk up and down the stairs (scary)
4.  picks out books and brings them to me to read to him.  But what he really wants is just to turn the pages!
5.  has become somewhat of a pickier eater ( noooooooo..... this is frustrating)
6.  is finally getting his two front teeth in-- he will no longer be my little vampire baby!
7.  likes to wear his flip flops around 
8.  loves to watch Sesame Street
9.  walks into the pantry, picks out his own snack and brings it to me!
10.  gets very excited when "dada" comes home from work!
11. is a pro at waving hello and goodbye
12.  if we ask him how to say "no", he'll shake his head back and forth.  We are trying to teach him to say yes too!
13.  graduated from his first swim lessons!

Gray will be 14 months next week.  Can't believe how big he is getting!!
slicked back hair


Gray + Oliver= best friends

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