Mar 23, 2011

picture day

Here's a roundup of some things I've found in my house and on the internet that I luv.  Enjoy!

The Eoff girls back in the day- I think we were pretty cute!
Kelly, Brooke, baby Summer, and Whitney

"You've got a a bar!" 

I found these beautiful earrings waiting for me one evening.  Jake is getting good at these surprises!
Love these prints found at Etsy and

you might see this picture in baby Lewis' room!


  1. Hey Summer,

    I just responded to you on my blog but thought I better leave a note here as well! I read pretty much every single post of yours after the shower and completely forgot to leave a comment! I don't see your email address on here but would love to get yours. Email me when you get a chance . . .
    Such a cute blog. I can't wait to see more nursery photos!

  2. Thanks! Sent you an email...


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